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8 June 1977
“ A good house cradles and comforts; a bad one fills us with instinctive unease." - Rose Red

Not much to know about me, I’m pretty boring for the most part. I’m a constant victim of Hentai Plot Bunnies and The Plot Bunnies That Live Under The Bed but I’m not going to complain...much.

I have to carry a small note book and pen with me were ever I go to catch them, even keep a note book and pens on the table besides my bed just in case of a plot bunnies attack.

I enjoy creating original characters that have a twist to them, they stick out some way or another.

I collect comic books, I have nearly the entire collection of the original Transformers. A lot of the IWD Transformer issues, newer Batman like Shadow of the Dark Knight, Shadow of the Bat. No, I did not start collecting Batman because of the new movie. I've been at it for a few years. Picking up issues here and there. Mostly at the Comic, Toy and Card shows that roll around a few times a year. Nothing like getting an ell bow in the ribs or have some idiot be a rude ass all because they are after the same issues you are only because they saw the movie and want the comics.

I am also a Silent Hill and MYST fanatic.